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Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments in Mission Valley

Your hair deserves the very best. If you’re trying to grow your locks to be stronger, healthier, and shinier, moisturizing treatments can help reverse damage while offering emollient-rich protection. That’s why Elle offers deep conditioning hair treatments right here in Mission Valley!

Hair Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Salon quality deep conditioning — also often referred to as masks—usually fall into one of two categories: protein-based treatments and moisture-based treatments. Protein-based deep conditioners strengthen the hair, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage. Moisturizing deep conditioners bring moisture back into the hair. Deep conditioning treatments feature many benefits. They restore the hair’s natural shine and luster. They also moisturize the scalp, which reduces itching and flaking. Many deep conditioning treatments are designed for color- or chemically-treated hair, which has a tendency to become dry and dull. For many women, deep conditioning treatments provide the ideal solution for frizzy, lifeless tresses by enhancing body and adding softness and shine. The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. (15-20 minutes)

Keratin Smoothing Tretment

Are not straightening treatments. Keratin smoothing treatments reduce curl, target weak spots, and reinforce the hair’s structure, helping to repair damage, block humidity, and reduce frizz while leaving hair soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. Keratin is a protein rich treatment which restores hair to its pristine condition. It does not change the genetic makeup of hair. Rather, it makes hair more manageable and easy to style! Results can last up to 4-5 months. (2-2.5 hours on average; depending on your density this process may take shorter or longer).

Keratin Express Treatment

It’s the go-to hair smoothing treatment for those new to keratin. This unique express smoothing service gives your hair the super-charge of keratin your hair is craving in just one hour, you can expect beautiful frizz-free hair days with results lasting up to 4-6 weeks! (1-1.5 hours on average; depending on your density this process may take shorter or longer).


A perm (short for the word ‘permanent’) is the hairstyling process used to change the texture of hair to a curlier or wavier texture. In other words, it can be used to transform straight hair into bouncy, fun curls or relaxed stylish waves. A perm will last approximately 6 months before it begins to grow out and the curls begin to relax into wavier formations. (2.5 hours+ on average; depending on your density this process may take shorter or longer).

Had a deep conditioning treatment with Elle the other day. The shampoo wash were extremely relaxing and gave me a massage. Elle gave me a wonderful scalp massage as well. The whole experience was ten out of ten!

Bre K.

I have not cut my long hair in 3 years due to stylist not listening to how and what i requested. I decided to get a cut and style with Elle and she did exactly what i wanted!! I am amazed at how beautiful she made my hair. She was friendly, took her time and gave me 101 on my hairdo health and condition. I totally recommend her in the San Diego area!

Chris M.

f you’re looking for a professional San Diego hairstylist. Elle is it. She’s very passionate about her craft. She helped me bring my hair back to life and helped me prep my hair for my wedding. She’s so friendly, easy to talk to and down to earth. Elle is an amazing hairdresser who really knows and recommends the best clean natural hair products to maintain healthy hair.

Rany T.

Finally someone who knows what they’re doing!! Thanks Elle!

Luci L.

Elle Jane was amazing !!! She made me feel right at home.. I had a wonderful experience at the beauty salon. Thank you so much. 

Jessica M.

Love your hair from roots to ends

Your hair looks beautiful, and it's best when it's Healthy. That's why Elle offers a variety of hair treatments and Conditioning in San Diego to ensure your hair is healthy and looking its best.